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8th Animart Experiential art school, Monodendri

In July 2014 I took part in the 8th Animart in Monodendri, Epirus. There were various classes you could attend from photography to theatre. I had my first stop motion animation lessons from Dimitris Savvaidis and Rory Oren. Together with Petros Loules we created an animation based on his comic "Frame Wars".
While I was at Animart I also gave a two hour papermaking lesson. Thank you Vassilis Boutos for inviting me. It was a wonderful experience. I didn't have a blender with me or a papermaking basin. One of the kitchen ladies gave me a basin that was used for washing clothes and I had to find a new way to prepare the pulp. With the help of other participants at Animart, we tore the recycled papers by hand into tiny pieces - it needed patience and time but the reward was the company. As always I enjoy the process more than the results. Everyone had the chance to make their own paper and everyone chose the flowers that we had collected from the village and its surroundings. The papers took a few days to dry and the wonderful thing was that when the participants came to collect their papers they all wanted to find the one that they had made and they all remembered which was their own. So, handmade papermaking results in unique pieces of paper. The paper pulp is forever changing, the extra ingredients you put in is only limited by the extent of your imagination and each person makes paper in a slightly different way.

Aesop team project in the making

Animation in the making, based on my story "Into The Sea"

Making of a "m" , my seal

Morning tasks

My cards, designed by me and screen printed with magic at Tind Silkscreen studio

Preparing for screen printing away from home, in Agria, Volos.






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