July 2012
Mother bear with her bear cub
Origami tree and animals in summer hues of blue.
This found its home on the island of Milos

February 2011
Dinner table decorations
Origami dress or shirt with necktie?
For the guests of a dinner party held by Sappi Fine Paper, on the occasion of the cutting of the New Year's Pitta.
Each dress or shirt with necktie was accompanied by two origami cranes joined together holding the name of the guest.


June 2011
Errikos' baptism
In Greece it is traditional to give sugared almonds to the guests at baptisms and weddings.
The boxes are made from Japanese handmade paper and there are two origami to accompany the sweets.

        an origami tiger and origami crane                            an origami bear sitting on the lid

        filling the boxes with sugared almonds                    origami envelopes for the invitations


June 2011
Margarita's baptism
The boxes are covered with origami paper with two origami inside to accompany the sweets (a mix of crane, rabbit, frog or flower origami)


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